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Snapshot your Business

Your website should be a perfect snapshot of your business and what services you offer. The information each visitor to your site needs should be easy and intuitive for them to find. You can include high quality photos and videos of your business too.

Mobile Experience

The mobile experience can vary widely from one website to another. Often it can be frustrating to navigate sites on your phone with awkward to use menus that were really designed for desktop visitors. The mobile experience with a site provided by Essential Web Design is simple and intuitive.

Social Media Integration

Making the most of social media is key to furthering the online presence of your business. From Facebook to Twitter and Instagram, web users can be kept up to date on your business activities and promotions which can be integrated to your website.

Location is Key

The location of your business and the ability of potential customers to find you is essential. Many smartphones now include GPS location technology, with Google Maps able to effortlessly guide them to you first time.

Make it easy to get in touch.

It can often be frustrating to find the contact details you need online using your mobile device and have to try and memorise the details until you get to the dialler on your phone. Why not make things easy and quick for your customers to call you? All contact details displayed on the mobile version of your site can be clicked to launch the dialler with the details already entered.


Does your business have a timetable for classes, etc. that you may need to change from time to time? This should be simple for you to do and should not require website updates and the associated costs. With Google Calendar integration you can easily and instantly update any schedules contained on your site.

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